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Welcome to Rebel Dogs – Puppy & Dog Training.

Rebel Dog Trainer - Marina Hale, offers a unique service aimed especially to help educate only the absolute beginner and novice dog owner.

Marina believes owing a dog comes with great responsibility and often finds that some dog owners get very frustrated and confused due to misunderstanding of communication with their four legged friends.

Marina can teach you, how to prevent such confusion and misunderstandings, with time and total commitment from yourself, will teach you to teach your dog right from wrong in a way that they can understand.

Marina' s motto is "Teach you dog to listen and Train your dog for life".

my advice

When it comes to training, my advice will help make it a pleasurable experience, providing YOU make every effort yourself to commit to their education and are fully aware, it will all take a lot of patience and time.

what we do

One off Sessions available for Rebel Dogs to come to you at home, to correct train your dog for you. We strongly recommend a minium course of four weeks to teach you how to train your dog.

puppy phase

Starting from the Puppy learning phase and finishing with the Adult advance obedience phase, we teach and provide you with the skills to teach your dog to listen and get you on the right track for training your dog for life.

get in touch

If you are having training problems and think we can help you with your dog, please take a look at our services section and get in touch.


getting started.

Puppy to 6 months - Minimum of four weeks to train puppies, teaching basic new commands, based on 1 hour per week with trainer.

obedience training.

6 Months to Adult. Includes: Focus Techniques; Motivational Techniques; Listening techniques to aid motivating control.

about me.

I have worked with dogs all my life, from sheep dogs to the obedience of Rhodesian Ridbacks training them for security, plus the normal obedience of household pets.

Currently I look after seven dogs as well as five cats and other animals, everybody has to learn to live together and I correct all the problems that may accrue, including problems that may accrue with any guest dogs that may be visiting.

leash response.

Puppies 6 to 9 months. (On average it takes up to four weeks to train puppies, leash response based on 1 hour per week with trainer). Includes: Basic training - walking your dog to heel on a lead; Teaching your dog to listen; Reward Training - through a low level distraction phase.

advanced training.

Adult Dogs. Includes: Advanced Motivational Techniques; Negative Punishment Techniques; High Level Recall Distraction Techniques; Achieving 100% Obedience & Recall; Correctional Techniques; Obedience Reward Training.


Prices start from as little as £10. The enjoyment I get from meeting new people and helping them with their doggy issues gives me great pleasure and is a passion of mine.

interested? Rebel Dogs

If you are interested in any of our training packages or would like to know more about them, then please complete the form below including your name, email address and message - we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Alternatively you can email us directly at or call us on 01858 881 485 or leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.